Silver to Gold: What You Need To Know About Precious Metal Investing

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This guide is for the new investor, the beginner who is just starting out trading physical precious metals. It should also be of value to anyone who owns or would like to own gold and silver. It will help you understand the value of precious metals, how they are priced, how they are traded, and help you negotiate with a company salesperson or dealer.

Most people want to know what their jewelry or old coins are worth or how much they should have to pay for gold or silver items. Unfortunately, they have to rely on someone else’s opinion and estimate. This guide will give you the basic rules about gold and silver investing. It will help you understand how Spot Price, Purity, and the Troy Ounce are used to easily calculate Melt Value. Then you can estimate an item’s worth for yourself.

The products covered in this book are the ones that are most commonly found in magazine advertisements, on TV, and online. There are descriptions, tables, and photos of bullion coins, bars, and collector coins to help you identify the different types of products. This guide includes weight and price conversions using basic math that is simple to understand. It will also give you one easy formula for estimating any precious metal’s value.

The author of this guide is an investor who has been trading equities and precious metals for the last 29 years. He wrote this guide for the beginner to simplify the basics of trading physical gold and silver. In this book, he also lists his own personal rules for buying and selling precious metals. This guide will give you the information you need to shift the advantage from the dealer to you, the investor.